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The people who make the music we call Jazz…(1)

I’ve been a jazz fan since I was a wee bairn of ten summers or thereabouts. I still remember reading in the Statesman in Kolkata (Calcutta of my youth) about Duke Ellington coming to play concerts at the New Empire Theatre and the Great Eastern Hotel – as far as I can remember, but don’t … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(10)

For a couple of months, I have been posting old historical pictures of famous places in India, and I must thank my friends for digging through their archives and borrowing from various sources so that I could lay my grubby paws on some really exciting pictures. Perhaps I shall take a breather after this post … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(9)

Here’s a bunch of old pics from Kerala. Again my earlier caveat applies – I have not been able to find the copyright owners of these, and these are certainly not my property. If the rightful owner has objections and contacts me, I’ll take these off instantly. This is the great Keshavan at Guruvayoor – … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(8)

Thanks to my friends who happen to tolerate my fascination for old pics of our cities and our famous landmarks, I’ve been able to get pics of Madras Central Station from the 1870s till the 1980s. I must confess that these are not mine, and I don’t even know whether they belong to my friends … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(7)

Some of the most wonderful memories of my school and college days are of going to The Statesman Vintage Car Rally over the years. Started in New Delhi in 1964, and brought to Calcutta in 1968, it is the oldest, continuously-run such event in India and the sub-continent. I can still recall the excitement of waking … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(6)

This is about a German warship that bombed Madras in 1914, and how this event got into the Tamil language. It’s also about how military airplanes used to land on Red Road in front of the Ochterlony Monument in Kolkata during the WW II. On 22 September, 1914, the German light cruiser, the SMS Emden, … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(5)

Rabindranath Tagore endorsing products and brands? Naah…you got to be out of your mind! Or…hey, hold it! Is this for real? Or is this fake news?? (Source: http://www.adageindia.in/marketing/cmo-strategy/timeless-trivia-rabindranath-tagores-trysts-with-advertisements/articleshow/48407789.cms) According to Tagore researcher Arun Kumar Roy, he is estimated to have appeared in some five hundred ads! Read about this here and here. Probably the most … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(4)

My love affair with the movies started during my school and college days, though I faintly recall that when I was a child of 6 or 7, my youngest uncle used to pack up my cousin and me and take us off for a night show. I have vague impressions of being taken to Rupali … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(3)

In my last post, I’d mentioned Trinca’s, which is still with us. There are some lovely stills about Trinca’s over here, and I’m not repeating them in this post. Trinca’s was very important to me in my school and college days. I was just discovering rock and pop and in my midteens, I’d was listening … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(2)

The power of Good Times, not the Vijay Mallya variety, is fantastic – like the waves on the beaches of Goa , it can sweep you irresistibly towards the shacks and the chilled beers available inside. The first post on this topic seems to have struck a chord amongst my friends of the Emerald Bower days, … Continue reading

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