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Once upon a time…(5)

Rabindranath Tagore endorsing products and brands? Naah…you got to be out of your mind! Or…hey, hold it! Is this for real? Or is this fake news?? (Source: http://www.adageindia.in/marketing/cmo-strategy/timeless-trivia-rabindranath-tagores-trysts-with-advertisements/articleshow/48407789.cms) According to Tagore researcher Arun Kumar Roy, he is estimated to have appeared in some five hundred ads! Read about this here and here. Probably the most … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(4)

My love affair with the movies started during my school and college days, though I faintly recall that when I was a child of 6 or 7, my youngest uncle used to pack up my cousin and me and take us off for a night show. I have vague impressions of being taken to Rupali … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(3)

In my last post, I’d mentioned Trinca’s, which is still with us. There are some lovely stills about Trinca’s over here, and I’m not repeating them in this post. Trinca’s was very important to me in my school and college days. I was just discovering rock and pop and in my midteens, I’d was listening … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(2)

The power of Good Times, not the Vijay Mallya variety, is fantastic – like the waves on the beaches of Goa , it can sweep you irresistibly towards the shacks and the chilled beers available inside. The first post on this topic seems to have struck a chord amongst my friends of the Emerald Bower days, … Continue reading

Once upon a time…(1)

Nigh on fifty years ago, the world was young, rich, and on the whole, tax-free according to Douglas Adams. Yours truly used to go to school and then to college extremely bright-eyed and seriously bushy-tailed. About forty-five years ago, perhaps to the day, he checked into the pleasant hostelry at Emerald Bower, which then housed the IIM Calcutta, near … Continue reading

A quick trip around Shimla

Contrary to our original intention of not stepping out of town, our hotel staff and the Tourist Office salespeople talked us into spending a day visiting such nearby sites as Naldehra, Kufri, and Fagu. The first stop, Naldehra, offered us a horse ride up to a golf course, and, as a restful alternative, beer, coffee … Continue reading

Restful days in Shimla – 1

The Mumbai heat was terrible. The heat in Ahmedabad and Kolkata was, if anything, worse. “Get out of town,” friends advised. “Head for the hills,” guides told us. Our doctor, an old romantic who’s lived all his long life surrounded by old Bollywood stars, directors, writers, singers, etc. was more specific: “Go to Shimla.” Not … Continue reading

Restful days in Shimla – 3

No description of a place or a journey is complete without writing about its food, restaurants, specialities in terms of comestibles, and suchlike matters. I shall follow this highly estimable rule and write about some of our experiences re the food in Shimla, limiting myself to the eating places I visited on the Mall, since … Continue reading

Restful days in Shimla – 2

  It is an unwritten law amongst Bengalis that we must visit a Kali or a Durga Temple wherever we can find one. In Shimla, that is not a problem – there is the famous Kalibari, built in 1845, and “dedicated to Goddess Kali who is also known as Shyamala. It is from the name … Continue reading

Monkey Business

A couple of weeks ago, I was sipping my early evening tea sitting in my guest house apartment in the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The evening sun promised to turn the sky into that peculiar shade between yellow and orange that reminds us of the first whisky of the evening, when I glanced outside. William Cowper’s lines … Continue reading

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