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More Jain temples near Ahmedabad

About a fortnight ago – it was in fact Mahaashtami in the Durga Puja calendar – I travelled from Ahmedabad to three important temples around Gandhinagar and Patan: those of Borij, Mahudi and Sankheshwar. Borij Tirth is very close to Gandhinagar, opposite the road to Akshardham. A largish village, the temples are quite impressive. The … Continue reading

The Temples of Palitana

About 4 hours due south from Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, lies Bhavnagar, an old city to the west of the Gulf of Khambhat. The city was not of much interest to me, except as a stop on the way to perhaps the most sacred centre of pilgrimage for Jains, the temple complex of Palitana. Built over a period of … Continue reading

Some more sights of Ahmedabad

Some friends have commented that I am besotted with step-wells, which are called ‘vavs’ in Gujarat. Perhaps they are right – I am quite fascinated by these, not having seen a single before my visits to Gujarat. I had written about the famous ones in Adalaj and Patan, and about a few not so famous … Continue reading

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