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Shakespeare at the Arena Fonte Novo, Salvador

The Bard must have foreseen the results of the match on June 14th, otherwise why would he have written those famous lines that begin “O, what a fall was there, my countrymen?” Five to one, FIVE to ONE – it’s worth repeating the score since the likes of such a thrashing of a world champion … Continue reading

Four weeks of worship of the Gods of Football

Every four years, the earth is ruled by a sphere and this time, it will be the one you see on the left. This year, Fuleco the Armadillo takes the place of the vuvuzela of South Africa – though I doubt that Fuleco can create as much noise as vuvuzela. Not that it matters. We … Continue reading

My new book on PVC

About a month ago, my new book got published. This is a large illustrated book on PVC (poly-vinyl chloride), one of the most popular plastics in the world, which completed 100 years since the first patent for its production was handed out. The book, commissioned by Reliance Industries, was a fun project to work on. … Continue reading

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