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Chander Pahar the Movie – stills

I don’t own rights to these stills – visit http://www.venkateshfilms.com/blog/chander-pahar-dev-as-shankar/ to know more about the movie, see pics and read posts about it.   Advertisements

Chander Pahar is being made into a movie, at long last!!

This is really exciting! The book is so visually appealing that it’s a wonder that it had to wait so long to be made into a movie. But now, finally, that is happening. Read about it here. Here’s a trailer on youtube.  

Shameless plug for “The Mountain of the Moon” – my translation of Chander Pahar

Mountain of the Moon is now available as ebooks. You can get it at Amazon (Kindle version) – http://tinyurl.com/ksc55oq Google Play (Android version) – http://tinyurl.com/mnuqajm Flipkart – http://tinyurl.com/lbtud88 If you are old-fashioned enough to want the heavy, printed copy, smelling of fresh paper, etc etc, you could buy it Flipkart – http://tinyurl.com/mtl7ubx Rupa – http://www.rupapublications.co.in/books/mountain-moonContinue reading

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