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Euro 2012 – The War of the Soothsayers

After my post “Euro 2012 – a word from our dumb chums” (read it here) hit the Net, I got calls from many quarters, mainly Poland and Ukraine. One person, claiming to be the manager of Funtik (aka Khyrak) the hog threatened me with dire consequences for not featuring his client’s photo and/or video. Before things … Continue reading

Euro 2012 – a word from our dumb chums

It is a truth universally acknowledged that nobody knows anything. This is aptly borne out during every major football, cricket, tennis, etc etc matches and tournaments. Hence, mankind (and womankind as well – I don’t wish to be tagged politically incorrect) have for millenia turned to our friends from the animal kingdom for words of … Continue reading

Euro 2012 – the plight of the online reporter

While watching the Poland-Greece and Russia-Czech Republic matches last night, I suddenly realised that being an online minute-by-minute reporter for these matches is a very difficult job indeed. Not convinced? Take a look at the names of some of the players on show last night. Here: Grzegorz Sandomierski Grzegorz Wojtkowiak Jakub Wawrzyniak Łukasz Piszczek Adam … Continue reading

Didi in English

This is an attempt to fulfill my promise in the last post. Didi in English would sound something like this (I can’t do the dialect too well though). E&OE.. “Today, KKR Bangla has made us proud. This is our victory, Shahrukh’s victory, the victory of our Mothers, Mother Earth and the common man. Hey you, … Continue reading

A classic post – 2

Again, I don’t know the author of this one too. I have just copied the post in toto from some forwards. If anyone etc etc ……. I shall attempt to do a rough and ready English translation of Didi’s phrases, at some future date once I have regained my health, but be it known that … Continue reading

A classic post – 1

I don’t know the origin of this, and I got it about twenty times as forwards from various friends. This is a real genuwine modern classic. If someone can tell me the original author of this, I would be most obliged, and will immediately acknowledge the real author. Owning A Canadian On her radio show, … Continue reading

The lesson for today

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