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Reactions to Sachin’s HIH

Not my work, this post. Borrowed it from Balasubramanian Parasuram, who posted this on FB, and it turns out that he’d borrowed it from someone else. Anyways, kudos to the modern-day Mark Twain who crafted this masterpiece. Comments by various personalities on Sachin’s century: 1. Digvijay Singh – Sachin is an RSS agent. All these … Continue reading

Masterclass and a fervent plea

In one of my recent posts – “Exeunt, Pursued by a Bear” – I had urged our beloved PM and even more beloved SRT to exit the stage soon, real soon. They should take a lesson from the way Rahul Dravid did it. No fuss, no tamasha; just the littlest bit of fanfare that is … Continue reading

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