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A detour to the Zambezi

Shankar and Diego don’t actually track the Zambezi for long. But the Zambezi is such a wonderful place that I have decided to share some information about the river anyway. So here goes. (Incidentally, you can go here and here for more details about the river. The first one is a beautiful site on tourism in Zambia, and has … Continue reading

Diamonds and Death

[My book “Mountain of the Moon” is available at various online stores such as Rupa, Flipkart, Infibeam, Bookadda,Crossword, Linuxbazar (!!), and at Rediff.]  The epic journey undertaken by Shankar and Diego Alvarez had just one goal – find the diamonds hidden in the Mountain of the Moon. This dream, or maybe it’s just greed, has driven men for millenia. The search for … Continue reading

Which is the REAL Mountain of the Moon?

While reading and translating “Chander Pahar”, I was very curious about the realMountains of the Moon – was there such a place at all? It turns out that there is indeed such a place. The term Mountains of the Moon orMontes Lunae referred to a mountain range in central Africa that is the source of the White Nile – check this out. However, … Continue reading

Mountains in Chander Pahar – 2

The two major mountain ranges I will write about here are the Ruwenzori and the Richtersveldt – the latter is, of course, the more important as the location where Shankar’s denouement with destiny gets played out. The picture on the left is pretty amazing – it could be from the Alps or the Himalayas! “The … Continue reading

Mountains in Chander Pahar – 1

One of the most exciting episodes in the book is the eruption of the volcano and the miraculous escape from certain death of Diego Alvarez and Shankar. The African continent is highly seismically active, and indeed “Africa is the only region other than the Mediterranean with an historically dated B.C. eruption (at Mount Cameroon, observed … Continue reading

More intrepid adventurers in Mountain of the Moon

[The book is available at various online stores such as Rupa, Flipkart, Infibeam, Bookadda, Crossword, Linuxbazar (!!), and at Rediff.com] There are three other explorers that Bibhutibhushan mentions in Chander Pahar – Fernando Po, Filippo de Filippi, and the Duke of Abruzzi. Fernando Po (Wikipedia gives him many spellings – Fernão do Pó, Fernão Pó, … Continue reading

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