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The intrepid adventurers in Mountain of the Moon

[The book is available at various online stores such as Rupa, Flipkart, Infibeam, Bookadda, Crossword, Linuxbazar (!!), and at Rediff.com.] The author introduces us to four fictional adventurers besides his hero – Albuquerque, Jim Carter, Diego Alvarez and Attilio Gatti. Curiously enough, two of these names have some historical significance, although far removed from the … Continue reading

My top 10 albums – Kind of Blue (No. 2)

Wikipedia says: “Though precise figures have been disputed, Kind of Blue has been described by many music writers not only as Davis’s best-selling album, but as the best-selling jazz record of all time…The album’s influence on music…has led music writers to acknowledge it as one of the most influential albums of all time. In 2002, … Continue reading

My top 10 albums – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (No. 1)

Paul was dead. Yes, he was dead, dead, dead! As the Time Special wrote, “Paul McCartney never wrote “Maybe I’m Amazed.” He never formed the band Wings. He never clashed with Yoko, became a vegetarian, or fathered any of his children. When Queen Elizabeth knighted him in 1997, she was actually knighting someone else. This … Continue reading

The Art of the Semi-Autobiographical Novel

Not my own work, I hasten to add. But brilliant nonetheless. I don’t know where it was originally posted – it came to me via a friend. Read on. ================================================================== To assuage our interest and close the circle, we decided to follow up with a list of a few of our favorite semi-autobiographical novels — … Continue reading

10 Famous Literary Characters and Their Real-Life Inspirations

Not my work – got this from here. You really have to go to the link above – the first page of the original post is reproduced here. ================================================================== We all know truth is stranger than fiction, and some things (and people) are just too good to have been made up. We’ve already shown you quirky cartoon … Continue reading

One more review

Entitled “BLOOD DIAMOND“, this review appeared in The Statesman, Kolkata, on Oct 2, 2011. “I first ran into Chander Pahar, the Bibhuti Bhushan Bandyopadhyay original when I was helping my nephew with his Bengali. What struck me immediately was the resemblance to Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines, a swashbuckling novel that Bandyopadhyay must have been … Continue reading

The rivers of Mountain of the Moon

The reader is taken on a short journey down some rivers in Africa – the Congo, the Guai, the Orange, the Wai and a few others. I couldn’t find the Guai – it could be a figment of the author’s imagination. I found two Wais – one in Maharashtra, India, and the other in Papua … Continue reading

Legendary monsters of Africa

The Bunyip in Chander Pahar gains in mystery since the author never gives a description – he leaves us readers to imagine the size and ferocity of the beast. Africa, as befits the Dark Continent, has many legendary beasts, just as the Himalayas can claim the Yeti, and Pacific Northwest of the USA has its Bigfoot. … Continue reading

The Matabele, the Masai, the Zulu

In his journey with Diego Alvarez, Shankar gets to meet members of a number of African tribes – Matabele, Zulu, Masai. The Matabele are now known as the Ndebele people. There’s an interesting write-up on them here. And this is an interesting picture from R. H. Kiernan, Baden-Powell, 1939. The Masai are probably among the best known … Continue reading

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