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Tiger Tales – part 6

Contrary to the opinion of my dearly beloved wife, I can now prove that at least two people read my blogs. One is my friend, Ashok Gulati, who sent one of the tiger tales to his friend, Ronnie Patel, who in turn has contributed the following tale. This was, doubtless, at some ancient time, set … Continue reading

Tiger Tales – Part 5

I am really glad to say that some of my friends have found these tiger tales informative, inspiring and educational. They have informed me that they now look at the tiger with a lot more affection than they used to. A handful, after a few pulls at mugs of Old Monk, have indeed promised to … Continue reading

Found: the lost spine of India’s PM!!!

Many commentators and well-wishers of our beloved and much esteemed prime minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, have spent sleepless nights grappling with the question “where is his spine?” Much has been written on this vexed loss of what is normally considered an essential part of the anatomy of a member of the human species. Some examples … Continue reading

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