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Remote controls going cheap

Some time ago, Shree Anna Hazareji made a statement here – that our beloved PM is remote controlled. Since then, there has been a huge amount of curiosity and demand for remote controls which control people. We don’t know what kind of remote control is used by whoever it is who controls Manmohan Singh, but … Continue reading

Tiger Tales – Part 4

Here’s one more tale from the archives – absolutely genuine and true, just like the other ones which I had related to you some weeks ago. I must make mention of some carpers and cavilers – obviously from the Extreme Left – who have been muttering “lies”, “tall stories”, etc while reading the other tiger … Continue reading

Tiger Tales – Part 3

Now that the weekend is over, and Monday Morning Blues threatens your blood sugar, heart beat, pulse rate,  eosinophil count and other critical health indicators, perhaps you may wish to rejuvenate yourself by reading this account of how my friend’s uncle saved himself from an even more critical life-threatening condition. You and I have the … Continue reading

More about Kanai Hori Sen

Forgot to add to the main post on Sen – in case you want a translation from Bengali to any other language, apply to your nearest Bong. If you are male, and she is female, all the best….

More unknown Bong heros – Kanai Hori Sen

In a post from the past (see here), I had occasion to sing the praises of the Brothers Das. In this post, I have finally been able to track down the Mahakavya that celebrates the undying exploits of the great Shree Shree Kana Hori Sen. For those who are net savvy, here‘s the link. For … Continue reading

Tiger Tales – Part 2

This is the story of a hunters from nearly sixty years ago, and how he got the better of one of the fiercest tigers man had ever encountered. The hunter was my friend’s uncle – no, not the one that was chased by a tiger, and who got saved thanks to the timely intervention by … Continue reading

Tiger Tales – Part 1

I read recently that the tiger population in India is just about 1800, gone up from a paltry 1400 odd in one year or thereabouts. Back in 1948, the great Jim Corbett (my particular hero since childhood – mine, not his) had written that the tiger would be exterminated from India in about a decade. … Continue reading

Everything you wanted to know about GOATs

No, not the kind that reputedly ate a can of film and was heard to comment that the book was better. Certainly not that one, or any of his (or her) ilk. These GOATs are the kind that wake up all sports-lovers, ensconced in their armchairs, staring at their TV screens, building their biceps through … Continue reading

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