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What a wonderful world! – Part IV

I think the effect of the true, the blushful Hippocrene takes a while to go away.

My niece called up and mentioned that her dad has recommended that she use vinegar to clean her hair – apparently this is a much better thing to do than shampoo and other such manufactured goo.

Since her dad is a scientist, with President’s Gold Medals, and endless pics of him being shaken by the hand by PMs, Presidents, etc to show for his eminence, I couldn’t ask her to laugh in his face and jazz off to the beauty parlour. So, I did a bit of scientific research myself. This is what I came up with: Tutorial site wikiHow says you can get rid of nastry, goopy build-up on your showerhead without using chemicals — instead, simply simmer it in white vinegar and wipe off any mineral deposits.

  • lifehacker says you can run a white vinegar-water mixture in your automatic coffee maker as a cleaning cycle
  • a reader on lifehacker had this to say – “And for a second I thought it involved cleaning my own head with vinegar”
  • Angelfire gives some 130 uses of vinegar, and it has this to say re vinegar and hair – “Take 1 cup of vinegar and warm water into a large glass and use to rinse your hair after you shampoo. Vinegar adds highlights to brunette hair, restores the acid mantel, and removes soap film and sebum oil.”
  • Angelfire also says this – “Dampen your appetite. Sprinkle a little vinegar on prepared food to take the edge off your appetite.”

And that’s where Angelfire loses me. Why should I wish to take the edge of my healthy appetite? Let Angelfire burn in hell fire instead.

My niece’s dad’s head looks like this – so what will he know about hair anyway?!  I told my niece to git her butt to the salon instead.


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I am passionate about football, jazz, classic rock, classic movies, crime, science fiction and P G Wodehouse. And also about NBA, western and Indian classical music. Since the wife will also read this blog, I cannot reveal my other passions in public. Have one son who plays the guitar, spent some time as an animator and now works for a digital marketing and advertising company. I also have one (1) wife. I spent a lot of my time on my music and books collection. I also have a passion for travelling but not a great deal of time and money to spend on this. Hopefully, in the future, I'll be able to do so.


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