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In celebration of ‘classical’ football

(written in July 2010) The victories of Netherlands and Germany should be celebrated by purists who value teamwork over star players. Neither of these teams have players of the market value of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Kaka, etc, but they have stuff which Mastercard cannot buy. They have self belief, they have the ability to … Continue reading

A Bumper Redemption Offer for England, Italy and France.

(written in July 2010) I have done a deal with the Indian football authorities, such as they are, which would enable the above three teams to play for two years in the Indian Football League. First year, they play such challenging teams like George Telegraph, Aryans, Tollygunge Agragami, et al. If they do well, finish … Continue reading

A few more of The Rossogolla Awards

(written in July 2010) Here am I back again with my reports to my multitude of adoring fans – well, ok, three; alright, two, I won’t reduce that number any further, however much you try to push me, so there! Another week has gone by and so much has happened, that it’s now time to … Continue reading

Where is the man we want the most, and now?

(written in June 2010) Have you noticed what a difference a vowel makes? If you spell your name Sania, you are condemned to lose in the first or, at best, the second, round matches in big tournaments. If you do an anagram to Saina, you win tournaments or at least make the semis or the … Continue reading

Now to some serious stuff

(written in June 2010) Finally, we got a great match – the last 10 minutes of Italy vs Slovakia. And finally goals from free kicks in this 2010 world cup – the first two Japanese goals against Denmark were just brilliant! Also a couple of brainy cheeky goals in the Italy and Slovakia match – … Continue reading

The Rossogolla Awards 2010 – the award ceremony begins

(written in June 2010) What with large quantities of the stuff that cheers and also inebriates sloshing about my interiors, it has been some time since I could get myself off the sofa, pull up my smelly socks and send back a report to you all from my perch in the Himalayas. Actually, it’s not … Continue reading

The Rossogolla Awards 2010 – the early nominees

(written in June 2010) I know, I know…all you children have been waiting for more than a week for my priceless views on the World Cup 2010. You’d been waiting, telling yourselves, “Where is that great and good man, who always brings us those priceless pearls of wisdom, without which our days are wasted?” And … Continue reading

Ode to an unknown Bard

(written in June 2010) I wish I wrote this, I really do… I don’t know who wrote this, but he or she is a true son (or daughter, as the case may be) of Bengal, a true successor to the genius of Rabindranath, Bibutibhushan, Parasuram, Ashapurna Devi and the other literary giants that once bestrode the … Continue reading

IPL3GATE – the inside scoop

(written in April 2010) Sad that Shashi Tharoor lost his job. See, I JUST got hold of some key information, which throws light on the whole issue of whether Shashi Tharoor tried to ‘informally mentor at arms length’ the decision in favour of the Kochi team. This is surely going to hit the media very … Continue reading

With gun and rod down the Mussoorie Mall – part 2

The third impression was that of silence. I stayed some distance away from the Mall, which is where all the action is. From my temporary and humble abode the landscape I could see was great; the location of the hotel was terrific; and being a heritage property, the hotel was just my type of place. … Continue reading

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