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Old Monk, single malts, feni and religion

I drink only for medicinal purposes. Absolutely true. I don’t drink to enjoy myself, and I never get drunk. I am what in Bengali is called a JMTT – jaate maataal taale thik. Which translates really roughly to mean someone who is drunk maybe but keeps his wits about him while in that inebriated state. … Continue reading

Mover and shaker

What with the underwhelming drama of the World Cup, I missed out on the arrival in Mumbai of the most important, certainly the most famous, mover and shaker in the world. A hint of this arrival came from the wife when she airily mentioned that Shakira was going to perform, which indeed she did last … Continue reading

The death of a molar

Happens to everybody, doesn’t it? Sometime, somewhere, one tooth will signal its unhappiness with the state of being. I normally ignore these early signals, and try to lull the tooth with false promises of the ‘things will get better soon’and ‘just a passing matter’ types. When that doesn’t appease the fellow, I go into Combiflam … Continue reading

Ecstasy and apostasy

I am really happy that India is out of the World Cup. Couldn’t have been better. And now to go into hiding – a whole bunch of patriots will now burn me in effigy, and call for my head. …….. I am hoping that all the fire and brimstone has gone by for now, so … Continue reading


Some times some things happen, which makes you glad that these happened to you. They reconfirm things that you hold close to your heart, even though events indicate that these beliefs are obsolete, and perhaps even dysfunctional in today’s marketing driven world. I am a passionate music lover, with a longstanding love for jazz, classic … Continue reading

Now that the hangover’s gone – part the second

Actually, the hangover’s been gone a long time ago. What with a constant stream of visitors coming to pay their respects to my parents who are visiting me, reunions of friends one was in class with, et al, and of course, the tremendous amount of angst due to lack of tickets for the Herbie Hancock-Wayne … Continue reading

Now that the hangover’s gone – part the first

I am going to have to do this in two parts. I am told by the Blog Writers’ Guild that it is de rigeur for any blogger to do a review of the year that was and a preview for the New Year. I have been remiss. And no excuses – I can’t bitch about … Continue reading

Miles still runs the voodoo down

The year was 1969. Walking down Park Street in Kolkata, I stopped at my favourite record shop and stared in through the window. The shopkeeper, who knew me well as a college kid with little money but who knew his music, smiled and called me in. He showed me this double album, with the strangest … Continue reading

And we did get fooled again! And again! And again!

I am listening to The Who – the deluxe edition of “Who’s Next” – and am rediscovering the joys and pangs of my youth, when the world was ours. I don’t mean that the world belonged to the youth; I mean that the world belonged to us idealists. And most of us had ideals, as … Continue reading

Come on back home, Bob; all is forgiven.

I am writing this while listening to Bob Dylan’s latest album “Modern Times” for the nth time. And marvelling at the ability of the poet of our generation to reinvent himself and, at the same time, to retain his surrealist vision. I grew up with Dylan. He said and sang what we wanted to but … Continue reading

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